Marital Agreements/Nuptials

How Marital Agreements/Nuptials Can Help You

Not many people probably consider signing contracts before or during a marriage. Marital agreements, however, may be a crucial instrument for safeguarding your possessions and assets in the event of divorce. The attorney at Henry Goodrich Law could guide you throughout this process because we are aware of the possible difficulties that could occur when drafting these agreements.

Nobody can predict what a couple’s future together may hold, and no one can predict the difficulties they may encounter. Before a couple gets married, a prenuptial agreement can resolve critical financial concerns. Although broaching the idea may be awkward, it also gives one a feeling of stability.

If one partner is wealthy, for instance, they could seek a prenuptial agreement to safeguard their assets in the case of a divorce. You could also desire a prenup as an entrepreneur who starts a marriage with a lucrative business concept. One of the financial matters in which a lawyer could assist someone within a marital contract is the potential for distributing this wealth in the event of a divorce.

A postnuptial agreement may also be necessary for a couple, depending on various conditions that develop during the marriage. During their marriage, a couple may amass a fortune and choose to document those assets in writing while still legally married. Couples can use a postnuptial agreement to resolve disputes regarding child custody, property, and investments.

At Henry Goodrich Law, we ensure your interests are protected, and we help you make the best decision for your family. With over forty years of experience, you can be confident that we know how to best serve you.

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