Property Partition

Partition of Properties Without Dispute

Co-owners of real estate in Louisiana can resolve co-ownership conflicts with the help of the partition lawyers at Henry Goodrich Law. We can assist you in getting the equity you deserve. One co-owner frequently refuses to participate in a transaction. No matter how great or small their ownership interest is, everyone with an undivided interest in real estate in Louisiana can sell it or demand a “partition” of the property.

The court will equitably divide the property sold in a partition by sale. To get the best price, a realtor will be employed to market the home on the open market.

A co-owner may also force a sale of the land, with the revenues going to the other co-owners in proportion to their ownership interest in the property, especially if the property is not amenable to being divided into lots.

Co-ownership partition actions are pretty common in Louisiana. Parties involved in partition actions include ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends, both parents and kids, aunts, uncles, and cousins, friends, real estate co-investors, and joint owners upon divorce.

There is only one option to resolve those partitioned property conflicts, regardless of how the parties came to be in the co-ownership relationship. With the help of a partition action.

Always check in with an experienced estate lawyer to better understand what the state you live in requires from you when undergoing property partition. The expert attorneys at Henry Goodrich Law are your best shot at getting the equity you deserve.

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