Spousal Support

Let’s Help You Claim Your Spousal Support

Spousal support, maintenance, or alimony is financial support or money paid by one spouse to the other. It is usually done after a divorce or while it is still pending. Spousal support is intended to assist the other spouse in continuing with their lifestyle.

Two types of spousal support can be granted to you in Los Angeles.

Temporal Spousal Support 

While the divorce is pending, you and your spouse can decide to work out spousal maintenance. The high-earning spouse will be required to support the low-earning spouse for a while. During the period of separation, you are both expected to make a written agreement on a support amount. When a party files a request for spousal support, some factors need to be taken into consideration; you must be able to file an income and expense declaration and be able to prove that the supporting party has the means to pay support.

Permanent Spousal Support 

After long marriages (more than ten years), permanent spousal support might be approved if the defendant’s spouse can’t return to an active lifestyle. Permanent spousal support can only end if the recipient remarries or dies. The court will determine the number of factors before permanent spousal support can be issued.

At Henry Goodrich Law firm, we back you up with the most competent and reliable attorney. Spousal support can be hard to fight for. It is common for the defendant to decline even when they have all the means available to pay for spousal maintenance. You will need the best attorneys in Los Angeles by your side.

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