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A. Henderson

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It seems I got myself into a little bind, and I had no one to turn to until a family friend suggested Henry Goodrich. At first, I was a little skeptical because oil and gas is his preferred practice (That’s how my Family Friend knew him and what I had heard), but that did stop Henry from helping me out. He talked to me about my case in a manner that was therapeutic and real. He was very knowledgeable about my case and if he didn’t know an answer to a question right off, he figured it out very quickly and let me know as soon as he did. He resides in Shreveport, but my case was in Ruston LA. Ruston isn’t an easy place to go to court. I am a student with a little income and a lot on my plate. School, Work, Homework, Deadlines, Projects…you get it. Henry made this easy for me. He traveled to Ruston on many occasions, kept me updated on any new evidence, made sure I fully understood what was going on taking into account the time frame which we had to complete each task, and was always ready to take the next step forward. When I called, he normally answered and when he didn’t answer I either got a text message or a call back in a reasonable amount of time. The DA did not want to help me out at all. He wanted me behind bars. Finally, Henry told me that honesty was the best thing and to try and prove myself to the DA. I thought that this was a little strange, but Henry knew the rules and the laws were strict here and I had a be able to put my feelings and anger aside and talk. I had a lot of self-examining to do but I never felt hopeless or like things were failing. Henry told me to go get letters of recommendation from friend’s family teachers and anyone who was a credible source that knew the true me. I didn’t understand why at first, but then when DA of Ruston finally came around and listened to Henry, he no longer saw me as the everyday criminal. I realized I am not just another number on a docket, I am a person who has a long life ahead of me.

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